Since 2015, David Cinnella has taught a number of film courses in his hometown of Matera, Italy. They were hosted in a number of locations, mainly at the Scaletta Giovani in the historical Sassi. They consisted of five days, each dedicated to a different aspect of filmmaking — Process of filmmaking; editing and sound; story and screenwriting; cinematography and lighting; directing and acting. Each course was deemed a success; resulting in high revenues and reviews. The course allowed for new waves of students to enter the art form of filmmaking, and gave them hands-on experience on set, such as on the TV series “While” and the film “TEK”.

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David Cinnella

DAVID CINNELLA is an Italian-American Film Director, Screenwriter, Storyboard Artist, Editor, Cinematographer, and more.

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Italian cell: +39 3281965324
US cell: +01 (310)-936-2042