Growing Up Italian and American in Matera, Italy


It’s hard for me to judge what growing up in Matera was like, as I can’t imagine what it would be like growing up anywhere else. In fact, the idea of living anywhere else always played out like a real-life movie in my head, trying to fill it up with stories, trying to fully visualise how it would have been like — and usually ending up with aliens or superpowers. But I suppose...

Ask David: With regards to TEK’s unique genre, (the sci-fi western), how and why did this combination appeal to you?


Funny story about how “TEK” came to be. Believe it or not, I’m actually NOT a big fan of westerns. Yes, there are obviously exceptions — the Sergio Leone films, Tarantino’s westerns, “True Grit” by the Cohen Brothers, etc. — but it’s still one of those genres that I always associate with the overly clean and overly romanticised John Wayne...

David Cinnella

DAVID CINNELLA is an Italian-American Film Director, Screenwriter, Storyboard Artist, Editor, Cinematographer, and more.

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