In Summer 2015, me and a group of around 40 young filmmakers from 149 Pictures and Voce Spettacolo created the first Italian webseries about to time travel, called “While” (you can view the first few episodes here ) , and after its success, we’ve decided to expand our horizons and work on a brand new project.

TEK is the story of a lone gunslinger, the fastest and most cunning of them all, who roams the desert wastelands of the future in search of the man who killed his wife and only daughter.

Our purpose for this short film is to bring back the good old classic taste of the spaghetti western, mixed with the innovative, creative and action-packed sci-fi genre, with heavy inspirations from Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci's classic films, to the more modern homages like Django Unchained, all the way to anime’s such as Cowboy Bebop and, especially, Trigun, and exotic homages such as Sukiyaki Western Django.

Regardless of that, one thing is for certain. Everything, in TEK, will absolutely drip of the western genre and setting that's tough to kill, just like its heroes! 

TEK premiered on April 2017 and won, and is still winning, a number of film awards from across the globe.

Without further ado, sit back, and helps us make this dream come to life, so that we may let your entertainment do the same.

Thank you, and enjoy!


Director - Screenwriter