Story of a lifetime


Director - Screenwriter

   DAVID CINNELLA was born in a small town in Southern Italy called Matera, the third oldest city in the world. Son of an Italian doctor and an American novelist, he always had a passion for storytelling, the visual world, and benefitting the world with great stories to give that extra push to make life more worth living.

   In June 4th 2002, when he saw Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" film for the first time in theatres, and the sheer action, adventure, effects, fun, story and direction of it all only confirmed that he wanted to enter the world of entertainment. However, first as a comic book artist.

   Going to an Artistic High School in Matera to pursue a passion for illustration, it struck him that all the stories he created, all that he loved doing, was concentrated into the medium of films. So, after harnessing his drawing skills, it was decided, then, that he would pursue that passion, no matter what, and said conviction only grew as time passed.

   Successfully convincing everyone he knew that it was his true calling, he got the chance to travel to the United States, where he attended in 2009 the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, CA. There he spent five years doing remarkable classes and learning all the procedures and details needed to create a film, exceeding in nearly everything he did and loving the whole journey more and more.

   Finally, in 2014, he graduated in Motion Pictures & Television with a focus on Directing and Screenwriting, and has done nothing but work on several projects ever since between Italy and the US, such as the web-series "While" (2015) and directing Italy's first cyberpunk western "TEK" (2017), which has earned him (and is still earning) several awards across the globe.